Thursday, July 10, 2014

30 Days of Summer

Let's imagine there are more than 30 days of summer. There are actually more, for me, but only 30 left for Zoe. She starts school August 7th (which is, worse! 28 days from today). And I have a grant so I'm supposed to be writing but there's only so much suicide and global warming I can take!

But let's pretend we have 30 days. And let's pretend that I have a blog and a purpose for writing it. So a plan.
Three things a day for thirty days plus maybe a picture if I can figure out to login to my Instagram account.

1. I am making sauerkraut. Cut up sauerkraut. Add salt. Knead for ten minutes. Stuff into jars. Submerge with a cup filled with stones.  Cap with a towel. Kimchee is next.

2. Took the kids Library. I should not be allowed to go. Fourteen books, all due in 2 weeks. Which should I read? The Middlemarch one? (Rebecca Mead's) The new Richard Powers? Roxane Gay's Untamed State? I can't remember the other ones because I know I can't read them all.

3. I gave a character in my "middle grade" book some hair. Black hair and a goatee. And loafers! I am so obvious. I cannot believe I just typed the words "middle grade."

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