Monday, July 14, 2014


1. Insight? Not really but here goes. When I'm riding my bike uphill, I'm like, what the fuck? I hate hills. Who would put a hill in my path? And then, when I'm going downhill, I'm like, I still have to pedal? That seems unjust. I thought this was supposed to be easy.
Extrapolate times a hundred and add Facebook. This is my summer writing/publishing complaint.

2. It has been a long time since I've had an in-person workshoppy-type setting with serious fellow writers. There were words. Insight. A paragraph insertion. The joyfulness of switching point of view. Through lines! Connective threads. It wouldn't be too much to say my readers were generous and genius. It is like a monsoon storm in a desert. I am grateful.

3. Today was supposed to be 100% monsoon which usually mean between one and two. Today, it meant six am and now (which is ten pm). In many ways, a bookended monsoon is better for:
a: shopping for Zoe's birthday presents (hint: travel supplies).
b: taking and picking up kids from Discovery Camp thrice.
i. Camp starts at 9. Max's camp ends at 1. Zoe's ends at 4.
c. Swim lessons.
i. Zoe is learning the butterfly.
ii. Max is trying to learn not to hold his breath all the way across the pool.
iii. Swimming in Flagstaff is tricky but they have prepared for monsoons with indoor pools.

Remember for tomorrow: buy books. give money. adopt cat. wrap presents. swim. make ragout that workshop friend made for dinner but you left because you wanted to see kids before bed (made it, but only 1 for 2).

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