Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Today, 25 seems like a lot of days left before I can complain about things foisted upon me rather than things I have foisted upon myself. Summer--it's too much pressure to make every moment count. Today, I didn't even stop read the paper (aka Facebook) until 11. That was after the hour-long camp drop-off. Which seems pointless to spend 3 hours taking the kids to camp so I can have 3 hours at home to find things to be grumpy about which is also pointless. As is Facebook. As is waiting for the electrician. Erik keeps saying I'm grumpy which makes me grumpy. I'm trying to get out of funk by drinking seltzer and watching TV. But I'm grumpy so here are 3 things I don't like.

1. We're watching Parenthood on Netflix. We are on season 4. They changed the theme song. I don't like it.

2. We watched all the Game of Thrones. Now how will I make melodramatic metaphors for my troubles?

3. Zoe's turning 9 which is just a countdown of its own. She put "construction paper" on her wish list. My sister Paige sent her the biggest packet of construction paper of all time. She opened it early. When I asked her what she was going to do with it all, she gave me teenager face.

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radagast said...

There's altogether too much foisting in the world, but if I were you, I'd see if I could foist myself on some of that construction paper magic with the ages-away-from-teenaged Zoe.