Thursday, February 20, 2014


Why did Rob Lowe leave Parks and Rec? I love Rob Lowe. I need to channel my inner Chris and smile a lot but I literally am going to start spinning in circles trying to get it all done. I'm only taking the 10 seconds here to type so I can remind myself that February is always like this except next February which I hope to god won't be like this because I'll be on sabbatical. I am emailing the administrative assistant about standard meeting times, the business manager about the lit mag's printing and budget, the area about standard meeting times, the writing program admin assist about GTAs, grading 4 essays, preparing to teach Mary Ruefle, Mary Ruefle, posting about reading series, finding the form for Ron Carlson, compiling the grant files, scheduling Bending Genre website, planning birthday shopping, figuring out when I can stop by the CSA, get Max, get to Zoe's science fair, pick up food for tomorrow's dinner and, wait, what am I teaching. Literally. I am not going to make it to Friday. Come scrape me off the classroom floor. Maybe I can sing Mary Ruefle Mary Ruefle to the class for two hours. She deserves a song in her honor.