Monday, September 15, 2014

It Shouldn't Be Like This. Or Maybe It Should.

I don't have time to write this but I don't have time to do anything else either so I'm giving up and writing this and hopefully I will this give up and write something else soon too. Today, like all the days that you think have internal organization and lists and priorities and plans has turned to Ninjago watching, phone-calling, toast-making, exercise-when wondering, tile-guy calling, Dave chatting about quitting drinking and hauling water out to Fort Valley and a $20,000 road tax lien on his house, grant proposal review, grant-writing, friend-press-seeking-help, soccer kids snack day emailing, guest writers series-fretting, guest writers visiting in my house next weekend washing, letter of rec writing already, conference center planning, Kit Kat nay-saying, Kit Kat opening, lit mag grant check depositing, post pub book sending, pant searching, dog petting, mohawk upsticking morning that has almost turned to afternoon. Nothing happens in a vacuum.