Saturday, July 26, 2014


Today's blog post is brought to you by Zoe. 
Today my life was not fair. 
1. My Summer reading program ended before I got to put the rest of my input in. I would have gotten a new badge if they wouldn't have ended it so soon. 

2. The humming birds stopped drinking our food for no reason we can figure out. They drank the same food yesterday all day. We made them some new food so maybe they will come back. 

3. and we didn't get to go on our bike ride I wanted to go on. 

The only thing that was fair was that I got to wear my red shirt and we get to go to my friend's house for dinner.

By: Zoe


Lisa B. said...

A red shirt can redeem a lot of unfairness. But the library reading program ending so soon? Before August? That, my friends, is injustice.

Nik said...

No doubt!