Sunday, March 15, 2015

Letter #11--Governor's kids

Dear Governor Ducey,
Do you have kids? If I lived in Phoenix and had been privy to your campaign, I would know but, just as you find the education system not worth your time and money, so you must find Flagstaff. I never saw a campaign ad so I don't know if you do or don't. I do have kids. Two of them. They go to Arizona schools. Well, the one does, the other one will next year go to Kindergarten. My kids are funny and curious and love to learn. I'm sure your kids did or do, if you had them, too. I wonder if you can remember when your kid was on his way to Kindergarten and he wanted to do math on the drive to the fishing spot or when he wanted to know how to figure out granite from crystal? I wonder if you can remember when your 9 year old daughter wanted to know what chemistry was and I explained about hydrogen atoms and oxygen and  I asked, what could you do in the kitchen that might turn water into air and she said, "steam." I wonder if you remember your kids painting? Putting on dances? Playing the piano? What should I tell them when I tell them that they probably won't get art in school? Where they'll be lucky to get a semester of chemistry or geology? When they have a question and raise their hands and the teacher, 45 students per room, exhausted from teaching 6 periods in a row, doesn't have time to answer them. So they sit, unanswered, unstimulated, unchallenged. What do kids do then? I guess it's cheaper than answering people's questions, letting them entertain themselves. I guess it's easier training them to work at McDonald's than training them to be scientists or writers or inventors?  Why bother with schools and education when you have prison buildings bigger than schools and easier than answers and waiting for them right there.

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