Friday, March 27, 2015

Dog Poop--Letter #24

Dear Governor Ducey,

I promised yesterday that I would write a long letter about sabbaticals but I spent so much time today reading about the legislature wanting to revamp standards for K-12, the ban on cities banning bags because that would take away an individual’s right to pollute the state (but not taking away a city’s right to try to stop the pollution. Have you seen the trees in Flagstaff after a windstorm? They’re bedecked! It’s like Christmas. A WalMart plastic baggy Christmas. (In good news, some of my microessays were selected for Best of the Net—one of them is about plastic bags! I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading these when you find the time.)), the prospect of mandatory religion (a joke, supposedly), domestic violence rates in Arizona (they’re high), college education rates in Arizona (they’re low), and the education rallies planned for next Friday that I ran out of time and I vowed I pick up dog poop from the backyard so I guess that will have to serve as your metaphor of the day.

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