Saturday, August 02, 2014


It was kind of an accident starting 30-days-of-blogwriting where I started it. I will end on a Friday. Zoe starts school next Thursday.30 days to the end of summer probably should end when one of us starts school.  It's possible I didn't fully understand August 7th was a Thursday because what kind of school district starts a new year on a Thursday? A kind that also starts elementary school at 7:50. But Saturdays are their own kind of endings/beginnings.

1. I talked to one of my true love friends today. It is so great to talk to someone who also directs her program, whose kids also have to go back to school next week, who thinks taking kids out of school to travel is acceptable practice, who wonders why it's getting hard to send out submissions and why editors want things so fast when they themselves can be so slow, who misses Salt Lake, who wishes we saw each other more. I don't usually talk on the phone. I feel like I'm always interrupting people's lives and my kids are often interrupting me but it made me think I should talk more on the phone because I can only take my kids out of school so much to go see my friends. 

2. I made what was meant to be a fancy dinner: kale, salmon, jerusalem artichokes, pesto pasta. The pesto, according to Zoe, was too liquidy. The kale? Too chewy. The barbecue wouldn't heat normally so the salmon was late. I loved the jerusalem artichokes sautéed in sage butter but everyone else thought they were weak. I swear. Triscuits, or maybe tacos, forever. 

3. Max. Saturdays. What? Like he can barely make it through the week as a charming engineer at Bug Camp. He got in trouble for crying that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show I booted up for him was one he had already seen. He cried about which lunchbox to buy. About not getting salad at Whole Foods. At not being allowed to have two pieces of gum, one, right after the other. About dancing in the living room (he didn't want to). About Curious George (he couldn't watch an episode). About the milk we asked him to drink for dinner and the bite of salmon we asked him to try. About The Amazing Spiderman we are not currently watching. Tomorrow, he will have a more balanced perspective. So say we all. 

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