Sunday, August 03, 2014


1. Are you getting any work done this summer, writing/teaching people? Does summer mean a slow down across all industry or does the industry just change its nature? Do you want to work? My friend from work said this summer feels about the same amount of work as the regular semester. Are you working too much? I cannot get a handle on the rest-of-the-people. I get that Erik and Val work. They have regular jobs. And yet, even they seem to work in a different mode in summers. Kind of buckle down but don't communicate? Maybe that's where we're all at. Digging into the work. Not really talking about it. Oh, but I'll talk about it. There's a lot of work. Today, I had to write about mycelium and culpability. And mycorrhiza.  The writing group made me write about culpability and mycelium. I took out one metaphor. It helped. And now I have communicated it here. Will there be a big rush of communication on August 7th? Or August 8th, when the numbers run out? Maybe all this here-talking is keeping the quiet on. 

2. This is not Yelp but I have been out to eat a lot this week. On Wednesday, Fat Olives. I had the parm and pesto pizza. Erik had the Soppresetta pizza. Erik's was the best. Bottles of wine were half priced. We sat on the patio. Fat Olives is good. At least on Wednesdays. On Thursday, with my writing group, we went to the new Korean restaurant, Na D Li. I ordered the BBQ Kalbi Stone Pot Bibim Bob with fresh vegetables and short ribs on top of a hefty bed of white rice in a sizzling hot stone pot. The pot stayed very hot. The food was tasty (and hot) but I was so starving by 9:15. On Friday, because it was Friday and Art Walk, we went to Lumberyard. I ordered the Vietnamese burger with a turkey patty. I might have ordered too many of these. Tonight was the best. Greek Taverna! Gyros and wine and beer for all for $31.88. I tipped 9 bucks because it was awesome. 

3. Excellent bike rides yesterday and today. Yesterday, Zoe and I rode in the forest for 6 miles. It had just rained so the trail wasn't sandy. We haven't ridden in the forest all year. One reason is that I used to be able to take Max on his bike-seat. Erik can't ride the tag-a-long third wheel in the forest. Sadly, I fear we'll have to abandon Max so we can take our bikes in the forest all fall long. 

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