Tuesday, January 05, 2010


They're inducing me tonight at 8:30 for a gentle, overnight labor-bringing-on. There's a reason for the nighttime induction: things could go faster and I may as well be there. Also, the high blood pressure is the reason for the induction so I'm sure they'll want to measure that every 15 minutes. This doesn't bode well for sleeping but it does almost guarantee a birth sometime tomorrow. I fear inducing will lead to a c-section but I'm pretty sure anything at this point may lead to one--and both Dr. Write and Mary Anne said the c-section isn't so horrid.
The thing I'm most afraid of is the hep-lock. That's when the put an iv-ready needle into your arm. Like that's conducive to sleep or restfulness. Also, I'm allergic to metal.

Still, I'll be glad this phase of the baby-having is over. Bring on the pain. Or, as Fellner tells me, think release, release. Because he's good with labor if not necessarily the baby-having kind. I will also imagine a tube of toothpaste and how my body should squeeze from the end, down. I will also think of otters because their heads can collapse like mice and they're slippery.


Lisa B. said...

sending love and ease your way.

Nik said...

Thank you Lisa B.!

Dr Write said...

Push! I hear the second one is easier, but how would I know?
Bring, Mr. X.

Earnest English said...

Yay for the pregnancy soon being over and you being able to meet this being you've been carrying around!

I can say that a c-section is not the worst thing in the world -- not to be desired, but a mere trifle compared to the wonder and joy of meeting the baby! (And I REALLY hadn't wanted on, and still I say: it's fine.)

Good luck!

lis said...

good luck! hope all goes well and easy and that new baby is healthy and wonderful.