Saturday, April 07, 2007

News of the Z

Both Z's grandparents sent her Easter baskets. They sent candy and stuffed bunnies and a tractor. My mom also sent clothes which ended up on the living room floor. She spent all day laying them out flat. Until I sat down by her. She pushed me back and made me lie down. She covered me in the clothes and the rabbits. Then her dad came in the room. He sat down and was forced to lie back and be buried in the system of clothes too. Whenever we tried to get up, much yelling and crying by the Z would ensue.
Eventually, we were bored enough to prevail and tried to ignore her stubborn protestations. We distracted her with asparagus and cous cous.
But this morning, she has not forgotten. For not one second as I've been typing this have I not been tugged towards the floor.
If you need me, I'll be on the rug, trying to drink coffee lying down.
Perhaps she'll bring me a book.

Edited to add: Also, if a rug is folded over on itself by someone walking in the door, the dog and cat rasslin' around, her own tripping on its corner, Egg moving it to vacuum under, she runs over to it, unfolds it, and flattens it. She pats it as if to say, no more of that, you upstart of a rug. Perhaps she has an imminent career in carpet laying, ironing, or, my great-grandmother would like this: bed-making so that you can bounce a quarter off the hospital-cornered sheets.


Dr. Write said...

Ha! Adorable. I love when, in youth, our obsessions are so obvious and not hidden beneath rationalizations. You must lay down to be covered with clothes because you must. That's the way things are.

P said...

I am so sad that I wasn't there to be covered. She is so cute. She wants to adorn you with her gifts of course. An unearth her favorite presents, you. Miss you and again, sorry we didn't make it. Dreading going to class and your prior post has influenced me to go. Thanks

Valerie said...

So adorable. Flat - I said, flat! It has a out damn spot ring to it.