Monday, April 30, 2007

Have Child, Will Travel, Need Advice

We're leaving for Baltimore on Wednesday. The housesitter's coming, the grades are turned in, the car's oil has been changed.
But, oh ye brave souls who have traveled 10 hours in a car with a child, tell me what did you do to make it less of a screamfest? Z is OK in the car, but at 21 months doesn't like to be confined for very long (say over an hour). We're driving to see Margot! in Columbus, which is 5.5 hours and staying over there so we'll have a break on our way eastward. We may or may not try to make it straight back the following Wednesday (11 hours).
We'll take our computers and my video iPod. Any suggesstions for how to make this fun (or at least not painful)?
Thank you in advance for making me feel like this was a good idea.


Dr. Write said...

Oh have fun!! I think multiple ziploc bags filled with: snacks, crayons, toys, wipes, oozey, gooey stuff (one of Son's teachers put hair gel in a huge ziploc and filled it with little plastic toys so that it looked like the ocean. fun for hours. bring duct tape for repairs. or double bag), also: benadryl. I have not used this last one but friends who took epic plane journey to Japan swear by it. Also: juice boxes.
Don't be afraid to stop every hour to let her out of the car to run around. Think of her as a pet that needs to be run.
Again, have fun!!

Valerie said...

How did people live without ziplocs? Keep a bag of her stuff handy within arms reach and I find that distraction is key. Also, baby einstein aka kid crack. Spell binding. Also, you'll have to sing. Alot.

Lisa B. said...

I endorse all of dr. write's suggestions, with double on the snacks. And juice boxes. Have a wonderful time. Also, capitalize on any kind of napping that Z still does.

P said...

Thanks for the effort in advance. Can't wait to see you all! Door will be open! See you Thursday!!!!

The one making them make the trip! Hoorah!

Anonymous said...

We try and do long portions of driving during times that Julia would normally be asleep. Have you thought about leaving super early and arriving in time for breakfast? That way she'll sleep most of the way.

Though the baggies things are good ideas, too, if travelling like vampires is not possible.

Nik said...

Thanks everybody! We're almost ready with many toys and snacks and dreams of sing-a-longs. Trista, we thought about driving in the middle of the night, but I couldn't make myself do it. Perhaps these first legs will be rough enough that on the way back, we'll drive at night.