Thursday, April 26, 2007

Big Reading Tonight

I'm reading at the downtown GR public library tonight. Mostly new poems. I have several worries. That I'll read too fast. That the audience will space out. That the poems will make no sense. That I'll wear something ridiculous. I almost decided on an outfit but then realized the shirt for it is the same shirt I wore for the NEA photograph. Perhaps that would be funny.

None of the poems are funny.
People like funny poems.
Ergo, no one will like my reading.

Maybe I can ham it up a bit with the discussion of the shirt.

I'm doomed.

I'll let you know how it goes.


Lisa B. said...

Not _even_ doomed! You're a highly acclaimed, honored poet! With a good shirt!

Well read poems are always a treat. Be self-deprecating (it's one of your best things) in your patter and you've got it made.

Dr. Write said...

Sorry I read this late. I'm sure you were amazing and wonderful, no matter what outfit. Plus you always have amazing clothes anyway.