Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Picnic! Letter 45

Dear Governor Ducey, 
Since we were staining the garden box anyway, we decided to stain the picnic table. The picnic table had been here since we moved in, left behind by the previous owners. It sits on our back patio and we don’t even cover it up in the winter. It’s just a picnic table. But, we had a lot of stain and the table was looking gray and the kids go outside and draw on it and we do actually sit on it to eat dinner sometimes in the summer so why not stain it?
Max and Zoe and I did.
It looks beautiful now. It needs two screws in one of the benches but now it shines with like old redwood that has weathered and then stained shines.
I promise to stain it every year, if it will sustain it.

It makes me want to invite you to my class. To see my students. Maybe you could even enroll in a class. There’s something to be said for taking ownership of something. I thought that picnic table was just a cheap leftover, something taking up space. But when I stained it. It became mine and now I wouldn’t give it away for all the money in the world.

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