Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hello from Domesticity Island

I keep wondering what's going on with this summer and it finally occurred to me--it's been the summer of house. Erik got a new job this month (yay Erik) and also went to Poland with Robin (yay Jewish festival) and also committed to remodeling our kitchen this summer (yay Spearming tile backsplash). Lo though we are paying a very nice contractor to do most of the work, Erik's work ethic required that he at least do all the scraping of ceilings, mudding drywall, painting and tear down (also. Budget helped require this). So Erik has been beyond busy working. Also, this work impacts me and my work since Max has no childcare this summer and Zoe has intermittant camps. This is my doing, I think. I wanted to spend time with the kids after the semester of head-spinning overworkedness. But kids full time plus teaching this summer, for the first time (I'm still recovering and still grading too) plus Brady Udall's visit and the chicken jello party plus, my mom came to town for ten days plus Erik's parents moved here last week. Plus a July 2nd party means I have a pretty clean house (almost. Getting there anyway) and yet have written zippo in over two weeks.

This domesticity has dominated. Mom cleaned out my hallway closet and we started Max's room. After the garage sale, I thought I was done throwing stuff out but then I hit the office. The office is no more. I've never been so happy to have nothing in an entire room. Soon, the bar stools will be there but I want to keep that an open space. Sadly, all open space here seems to become quickly occupied with toys and art projects but that is the name of the no-child-care game, I suppose (and knew, already, but every day, there is toy and art project doing and undoing). Zoe's room we cleaned today. The porches, thanks to my mom's visit, meaning the whole inside of the house was cleaned by noon of the party day, I swept and even against my don't-use-water-unless-you-must beliefs, sprayed down.

This is the first minutes alone in over six weeks. Max is at his grandma's. Zoe is at dance/gymnastics camp. I'm waiting for the JennAire fix it person (for the 2nd time. This summer has been a lot of waiting too--waiting for the window guys to fix the window, waiting for the hutch guy to buy the hutch, waiting for the contractor, waiting for the cabinet guy. Do you know that SubHumAnz song called Reality is Waiting for the Bus? I don't think this is what they meant). Is it possible Fall Semester will be more of a break than summer?

I haven't written as much as I'd hoped this summer but today is the first day of my summer research grant so I should best get on it. Erik and I interview Eric at Page Springs on Monday for our segment on Microclimates. That's part of my writing project for the summer. I would also like to remember how to write poems. I tried. I think I failed. Heck, I'd be happy if I remembered how to write blog posts.

The wind has finally stopped but now the rain has begun so I will be typing inside instead of outside, between domestic chore of laundry folding and toy-picking up and art project doing and undoing.


Lisa B. said...

Sounds like you have good reasons for not much writing...even if good reasons almost always sound like protesting too much (at least *my* good reasons sound that way to me--your good reasons sound like good reasons, full stop). I want someone to come to my house and take my office apart. But I am also afraid of that. So I will probably always have a messy, crowded office. Oh well.

So nice to have you here! I hope we get to hear more about the microclimates!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I hear ya, sister. Also, I still owe you a crit. It's half done. I didn't stop because I wanted to, but because life overwhelmed me.

What Now? said...

Wait ... chicken jello?

Sounds like a busy summer!

Nik said...

Lisa B: You are my role model. I've already started to think poemy thoughts thanks to you. And Mary Anne: You made my day. Thanks for letting me know it was life more than essay than overwhelmed. It is LONG, I know. And thanks for whatever you do. It means a TON to me.
And What Now: Well, the chicken jello. I wrote an essay about it. It goes like this: You take some chicken stock and some Knox Gelatin Mix. You pour the stock, add some chicken and some tarragon, refrigerate. Do it again, in another layer. And again, in another layer. Eventually, it is a multi-layered cake phenomena. Sadly, no one really likes chicken jello. The dog? The dog does like chicken jello.

Dr Write said...

OMG. Also my summer of house, but for different reasons. Alas. But it will all calm down. And yes. I'm starting to think I will get more done once school starts.

Erin Renee said...

Oh man...I think I might know how you feel. I think jumping right into 2 summer classes a mere 2 days after graduation was not a good idea. The one that I'm left taking has me running crazy with academic writing while my creative projects go unfinished. Plus I'm up here in Alaska juggling the demands of Jake's family and friends with our own relationship and there's a wedding every weekend in July! YIKES! Is this what it means to be "all grown up"...not having any time for the things you want to do? :)
P.S. I miss you.

Joy said...
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