Monday, July 11, 2011

Google Plus

I do not think that I need another internet-distraction device. But Google seems a powerful force to try to stand up to. I don't like confrontation. I prefer to just submit and be assimilated. Hence, my Google Plus enveloping. However, I also find it confusing. I just got a post from Mary Anne within the and am trying to figure out how to post there. Perhaps it's just confusing enough to keep me going.

In other news: Two rejections on the same essay in the same hour. However, one of the rejections wrote, "thank you for sending it. I found the story very moving," which was very sweet but ALSO very confusing. If it moves, publish, no? I guess I should know better, since I send rejections of stuff I like that just aren't right for journals I edit, that it just wasn't right for that magazine. I guess and audience of one editor is still pretty good odds for essays these days.

I also wrote 3 new poems thanks to Brigit Pageen Kelly, by way of Steve Fellner, who reminded me I loved her.

It's been raining here like it's PDX. Very strange. Lovely really. We went down to Sedona for heat and swimming and lovely times and then came back to watch the lightning storm. I like living at 7000 feet elevation. I also like that Sedona is close and Sam is close too.

And, what other news: Oh. The kitchen project starts a week from today. Erik pulled down a wall, scraped ceilings, mudded those ceilings. This week, I have to clean out the cabinets so we can take them down. Contractors arrive on Monday! I'm most excited for the glass-tile backsplash and gigantic farm-style sink but new cabinets and one fewer wall will be fabulous as well.

Max stayed up until 10 last night but then he woke up only once. Perhaps he's just a night owl. I hear him hoo hooing in the other room.

Now, Mary Anne, does this show up on your Google plus?


radagast said...

Poems? Let's have one, then!

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Nicole, I read it here first -- did you manually cross-post to G+? That's what I've been doing so far; I don't know any way to automatically feed blog posts over (or even tweets, though I suspect that will come soon, since you can tweet-feed to Facebook).

Thanks for all the thoughts over there on the small press project; I'll need to save up some money before I can do the first book, but I'm hoping in the next six months or so I can put out a call, at least. It was really helpful hearing a non-genre perspective.

For what it's worth, right now, when I post the same thing on my blog, Facebook, and G+, I get a ratio of roughly 1:2:8 for responses. That may be partly novelty, though. G+ does make it pretty easy to see a long post with comment thread, though.