Thursday, August 26, 2010


I think I saw more people yesterday than I saw all summer. This meant no sleep for me. When people talk, I listen and then I fret. No fewer than six people asked me what Kindergarten Zoe was going to. When I told her public school, they turned their faces away. They couldn't look at my shame. Also. One student emailed to say he was sorry he called me by my first name. Also I asked for red wine instead of a martini on a hot day in June. I remembered two of the nineteen names I learned. I ate a sandwich standing up, meaning I ate mayonnaise off my fingers.
I'm not quite ready for school to begin. I need to submerge slowly rather than dive in. One person on Monday. Maybe two on Tuesday. By November I can probably handle the attention of a full class.
In other non sleeping news, Max does not do it. Why sleep when you can pretend to eat all night. He doesn't eat. He nibbles like a bunny rabbit. He falls asleep nibbling but when I dare to suggest he go sleep in some way not attached to me, he wakes up indignant. Like I'm starving him to death. I've started putting him in his crib. This helps 1%. He still wakes up every two hours. I have resorted to saying "no more milk" and "go to sleep" which has the effect, usually, of making him say, oh my god, I would like no more sleep. Perhaps I can have some milk. Advice appreciated, although from what I understand, boys are like this and I may never sleep again. Which means when, in November, I do have the full attention of the class, I will be fully sleeping on my desk.


Lisa B. said...

I felt I could hear your actual voice saying these sentences. Little Max will sleep, but maybe not right away. Maybe when he drinks milk from a sippy, sorry to say.

I wish for you several restorative naps between now and the first day of school.

Anonymous said...

O honey, i wish i was there to help you out


Dr Write said...

Oh yeah! You are funny. This does not help Max sleep (I'm guessing) but it does keep me entertained.
Have you tried food? I know he is little, but can you make him eat a big bowl of oatmeal right before bed? Perhaps with some meat?
These things work with a 9 year old, but perhaps not so much an infant.
I have no other ideas.
Whiskey on a washcloth? I heard that somewhere...

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

This too shall pass.

I got nothing else. Hang in there.