Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beer Fest

These are probably the worst pictures ever taken but I only had my Blackberry. And it's shaky. And I'd had some beers.

As you can see, it was raining. Did I mention that we live in the Pacific Northwest now? In July, it rained every day. We woke up to rain. We went to bed with rain. Some days, it rained so hard there was rain up to the bottom slat of the siding on the outside of the house. The back patio still has a layer of once-mud.

We went to the beer fest anyway. Last year, they canceled the beer fest because of the economy. The economy we couldn't ignore but the rain we could. It turns out, we don't own an umbrella but we do own hats so we hatted up and headed out. It rained as we walked to the festival and it rained as we deliberated how many tickets to by. Because the economy is still rough, I thought we should go with the bargain--ten bucks for twenty pours. Erik questions my economic path and also how much help I'm going to be with drinking these pours. But I've lived in the Northwest! I know how to do the beer fest. (ooh. rhymey).

It turns out twenty pours is about sixty ounces. That's about three beers each. But there's something about the beer fest that suggests quick drinking. So we drank quickly. The sun came out. Zoe made some friends (a very in-your-face girl that went up under the brim of Zoe's hat and said: "HI. DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?" Zoe recovered eventually and danced in the mud. We drank a little more beer. I don't think I drank my full thirty ounces but, judging from the high quality of the pictures, I might have.


Lisa B. said...

I would like someone to come up to me in the rain and mud and ask if want to dance. I live for this day. Also, I find your photos pleasing. The baby in the papoose, the dancing daughter--excellent.

P said...

One of the most important things on the summer to do list is to sing in the rain. Check

Dr Write said...

I miss you & the rain & your adorable children. Rain beer fest sounds good about now. I'm about to go move shit out of the basement so the handsome painter guys can work their magic.