Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Complaining

I think I shall change the name of the blog from Otterbutt to the Complainer. I think that sounds more professional and more accurately describes the content found here.
The return to the semester has put me in a sour mood. Every second seems chock full of things to do and, my only release, blogs, appear to have been abandoned for more interesting territory. As Dr. Write says on Facebook (where, I fear everyone has gone), the only thing left good on the internet is the Go Fug Yourself website. It's almost enough, but on the weekends, when you're writing recommendations, and sticking evidence of scholarly activity in a binder, working on a grant, figuring out why takes 24 hours to make your website available, when you think you backed up all your files before your computer went kaput somewhere between Rome and Bari but you realize that you are missing some important, annual review file files and all your responses to your students from last year that you like to use to make writing the letters of recommendation specific, when putting your kid to nap (or discovering that this is the weekend that the nap will be forsaken), writing the proposal that you can't write, that your agent says, be funnier!, when you're grumpy and you can't be funny, you want something to go to on the internets, like Go Fug Yourself but they don't update on the weekends and neither does anyone else and you can't decide what to make for dinner, when the pizza you grilled last night turned out floppy and so you really don't feel like making anything tonight and when you stretch your muscles because if you don't then your body never wakes up but then if you do you over stretch and walk around all old-woman like anyway, and when you got another rejection from The Normal School and were only a semi-finalist for a novel contest, and when your regular clothes are all too small and your new pregnancy clothes are still too big and you really want a popsicle but you're all out, then even Go Fug Yourself is not enough.


Dr Write said...

I like the complaining! It's funny! You are funny.
Sigh. I know, I'm a terrible updater. I'll think of something entertaining. Maybe.

Lisa B. said...

I would personally like to exact a small pledge from all my favorite bloggers--just a post a week, just one post per week! it would make me so happy. And I will comment!

This post--you are a world class complainer, and I give you all due respect, since I feel my complaining is of a pretty high order. Also, I love that the possible blog title change would make your blog more professional. Excellent observation.

Steve Fellner said...

What novel contest?

Molly said...

Yes, we should all blog more, but when we don't, I go here for amusement:

I find it far more entertaining and useful than gofugyourself, though props to that site for its own time-suckage value.

middlebrow said...

The Pleasant Complainer? The Likable Complainer?