Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will We Get Out of Here?

It is forecast to snow thirty-one inches by five p.m. tonight. I don't think we'll get that but Erik has shoveled for an hour and a half today after an hour's worth last night at nine. Cleo looks like a little skunk out there. I'm taking her running because if at all possible, we're heading north in the morning--come rain or shine or snow or sleet. We'll be like postmen.

For HighTouch I've included a picture, thanks to Egg who reduced it to a reasonable size. I need Photoshop.


Lisa B. said...

Beee-yootiful. Thank you for the picture! That's a lot of snow, so take care in your travels.

word verification: chaerch. What accent is that, would you say?

Dr Write said...

Yeah! So excited!! I will try not to pester you immediately with phone calls and more phone calls and requests for an audience.
Please, please drive carefully. It's a beautiful drive and I hope it cooperates with you tomorrow.

ErinAlice said...

My sister, Dr. Write, suggested I look at your picture as we are driving up to your neck of the woods this weekend. My daughters have never been sledding so that is on the agenda as well as making snowmen and snow angels. Yea snow!!

lis said...

wow, I think you might have more snow than we have up here in the cold north. we also have a neighbor who always seems to do our shoveling before we get to it. I'm not complaining!