Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Bullets of Complaint

  • Zoe's nebulizer broke last night. Now she's all hacky and I have to try to find a new one today. Last time, one just arrived at our door but that was thanks to a hospital stay. I'd rather drive the desert long to find one myself than have the hospital involved.
  • The people who are helping me find a nebulizer are not calling me back. Perhaps my phone is broken and calls cannot get through.
  • It is also though my email is blocked and only the most persistent and determined emails can get through. Thank you for ye who email.
  • I must register car today. And get a driver's license. Have I gotten a haircut in the last 8 months? No, I have not.
  • I have university-wide committee meeting that tends to go for two hours. Two!
  • This last week of class? I have no motivation.
  • I haven't slept well in two nights.
  • I have an impossible writing project that I really cannot do because I am too lame. Perhaps I can write a writing project all in bullets. That I can at least accomplish.


Dr Write said...

I'm with you on the no sleeping and the too long meetings and the undoable writing projects. Perhaps you want to do writing group with us when you are here? I need a deadline. And I do mean dead.

Lisa B. said...

Bullets are a very reliable composition heuristic. I encourage you to use them for your writing project. Then, when you're done inventing, take out the bullets and write the conjunctions and other connectors. I see an essay coming out of this--bonus!

I am sorry about the nebulizer--the crises related to children's health are really unbearable and the universe is being unfair to you by piling it on the last week of the semester.