Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More thoughts on brining

I want to brine my turkey for Thanksgiving. Has anyone brined before? I know I need a large container. Where ever shall I get one?

Can I keep the large container, full of salt and water and turkey in the garage all night? (It's warm in the day here but 26 degrees or fewer at night).
What's good to put in the brine?

When I used to smoke my own fish, I'd use all kinds of spices--juniper berries, dill, pink peppercorns, thyme, Worcestershire sauce. I'd use apple juice, beer and and lemonade for liquids.
Any ideas what would work with a turk(ey)?

Let me know if you plan to brine and if not, what other ways you might torture your turkey into submission.


Dr Write said...

I found this recipe:
and have been thinking about brining, but then part of my head says That's too hard!!
Let me know what you find out...

chancelot said...

No jokes about torture. Turkeys are people too.

Ali said...

I want to deep fry my turkey in Dr. Pepper. Has that been done? I know people deep fry and people use a Coke brine, right? Am I crazy?


Molly said...

This is the one Michael uses every year. We call Michael the Turkey Man, and honestly, we'd trust Alton with our firstborn, especially if he were going to cook our firstborn something really delicious to eat:

Ali said...

Nicole--Here's another Turkey Brine recipe, and answers a few FAQ:


lis said...

I've never brined a turkey. Was it worth it? Deep frying in Dr. Pepper, now that's a good idea.