Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Live Turkey Blogging

The cooking has begun.
Z and I have roasted the pumpkin and pureed it's sweet flesh. Now, it has to drain for 4 hours. Also, I need evaporated milk! Even for a "from scratch" pumpkin pie recipe. To the store again. Grim.

Next: Pie crust. Usually, this is Little Hand's project but I am here and she is there. May we both have flakiness in our future.

Then: Make broth for the gravy from giblets and other parts. Start brine. I think I'll use the recipe Lisa B sent me since it seems simplest--and most pure. May I salt properly.

Also. I think we'll make butternut squash lasagna. Z makes delicious pasta noodles in the pasta maker. Let's see if we have it in us.

Guests arrive soon!

More later!


Lisa B. said...

In case you haven't already gone to the store, and in case you happen to have cream on hand, or even half and half, I always just substitute fresh fatty dairy for evap. milk, which I think is much much bettah.

If you make the butternut squash lasagna, I hope to hear about it, as in, how did you make it, etc.

Happy happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

Nik said...

Lisa B. You might be my hero!

Dr Write said...

Sounds beautiful and delicious. Happy brining. Me? I have to make pie crust. And toast!