Friday, August 15, 2008

I Am So Dedicated

I have just spent 30 minutes searching for and adding wingdings to my syllabus.

My students, and their aesthetic pleasure, come first.

In the end, actually, I ended up using the tilda. Boring. Perhaps I can make it up to them by finding a stimulating font. And alternating between italics and boldface letters. Oh, how they will pay attention to the details thanks to these machinations. Late papers. What are they? Not accepted! (ha.)


P said...

Double Ha! I really understand. This year I'm going with the Garamound and I have grown to hate Comic Sans... Putting a header and a footer is my new trick! Walker APES 2008!

Lisa B. said...

This reminds me of creating the STA (self-teaching artifact), when I spent an entire afternoon trying to design a document in quadrants, fit all the relevant content in, use bold and italics to emphasize and separate (like a wonder-bra). For crying out loud. Kudos to you, however, for trying to make the syllabus a self-instructing artifact, which, if they read it, it will be, I am absolutely sure. Maybe you could staple money to the most salient points.

Anonymous said...


I'm for the first time using an anthology in my non-fiction class. The Touchstone one edited by Martone and Williford, so I've spent a good time reviewing/reading the essays and must admit they're quite good. Check it out if you haven't. In terms of reading difficulty they fall nicely between Fourth Genre's anthology and The Next American Essay.