Friday, August 01, 2008


The internet was down at the house from 4 p.m. until 10 a.m. The next morning. I literally started twitching. I suggested going out to dinner not because we had no food in the house or because I didn't want to cook but because I held some hope there would be internet available at the restaurant. I drank my glass of wine at the pizza place a little too quickly to try to cover the withdrawals.
When Middlebrow was here, we talked about how we'd been trying to be on the internet less. While he said he actually was putting pen to paper, I just nodded and applauded myself for not taking the computer on my walks with the dog. I've cut down my usage by about 1%. Usually that 1% is dedicated to playing puzzles with Z.
I think it was the not knowing when Qwest would fix the phone line that drove me the most crazy because it's not like I missed that much. No, even when I'm online, I'm like, where is that thing that used to make me spend so much time looking for it? And then I spend so much time looking for it, which is the thing I think I used to do that seemed so interesting but was probably not that.
We're having more guests this weekend. Perhaps I'll knock off the habit a bit.


Dr Write said...

Yes, what was that thing I was looking for when I got waylaid by some other, less interesting thing? I can't recall. Oh look, shiny!

Lisa B. said...

Exactly, both of you. I am trying to be more mindful of this, but having no internet? for hours upon hours, with no promise of when it would be fixed? the horror. the horror!

P said...

The iPhone iPhanatic to the rescue, you can even take it on walks with dog! But it did run out of batteries when I went to the beach, it was like my arm had been cut off... Glad your back online.

Limon de Campo said...
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Limon de Campo said...

I'm addicted too. There's this point where I no longer find the Internet enjoyable; instead, it just becomes an obsession. I simply HAVE to look at my Spring 2012 teaching schedule or track the book I just bought. I'm a lot less productive than I used to be. I blame Al Gore.

P.S. I deleted my last comment because I egregiously mistyped "to" instead of "too." I was mortified.