Friday, December 21, 2007


Two feet of snow at Alta. A foot or more in the valley. It's like pre-global warming days when we actually had to wear mittens to school and made snowmen and took our sleds sledding. I might even ski on Sunday--like everyone else in the valley.
I'm so sad I have to leave on Thursday for MLA. Why does MLA have to be over break? As far as I can tell, there's not even talk about moving it. Chicago in less than a week. Grim.
Until then, there's Thirty-One's solstice party, Egg's folk's white elephant party, K-J gets in that night, then big family party Sunday, mellow Christmas eve at mom's and a less-than-usual crazy Christmas day. Some might even go skiing!!! On Christmas. We're heathens.
I've already got to see the lovely Dr. Write and Scorpion's Tail. We had delicious tapas at Martine. I hope to see more folks tonight at Solstice. If people trek through the many feet of snow.


Lisa B. said...

I was recently noting that MLA is always between Christmas and New Year. What a nightmare. The historian says that the giant historians' conference is at the same time. That would make me permanently angry, I think.

Nik said...

I think I am permanently angry. It explains a lot....

Flavia said...

Actually, they are planning on moving it--to the same time as AHA, which is to say right after New Year's. I don't think it's going into effect until 2010, though I'm not sure.

Looking forward to seeing you there!