Thursday, December 06, 2007

What to Read Indeed

Some commenters asked how I decided what to read at the Retirement Center.

I decided to read the "cute" poem about Z being in the NICU. I explained to them that when Z was in the NICU, as hard as that was, we didn't know her very well and the whole thing was so alien that the emotional toll was much less than when, nine months later, she went back to the hospital for RSV and we could tell she was in pain and we all wanted to get out of there and we all weren't sure how things will turn out. So I read the Hagionoma poem about astronauts and NICU's that's in Nimrod. I forgot it was 4 pages long. I also forgot that I talked about my breasts being called "turtle boobs" by my sister and that I was fat and that a seal wanted to mate with me.
And then I read another poem about Z in the future and a boy who wants to, shall we say, deflower her.
My point is--I really didn't read my poems first and I probably should have. But the nice ladies laughed at the turtle boobs comment and didn't seem to outraged at any swearing moments or the losing virginity parts.

But tomorrow, I leave for NYC to read at the Center for the Book Arts with Rigoberto Gonzalez and I'm not sure what to read? I should practice! I should bring all the poems. I should remember to thank the NEA or they might take the grant back. I should download the logo and have it tattooed to my forehead.
I don't want to read only Z poems tomorrow. I think I'll read one about the Ilse Royale twisting itself off from the earth and becoming a planet on its own. And the one about the postman that Fellner loves. And maybe the MRI poem about birds.

I'm very nervous to go because:
  • it's going to snow and my plane will be late.
  • I'm supposed to meet my agent uptown (98th St.) at 11 when my plane gets in at 10.
  • I'm supposed to meet my sisters downtown for lunch at noon.
  • I can't check into the hotel until 3.
  • I have to be dressed, prepped and ready to read by 6.

I did buy a new coat for the trip. It's blue. I can't wait for Saturday when the aforementioned list of bullets has resolved itself.
And then, I can't wait for Friday when we leave for SLC!


Dr Write said...

Good luck with the plane and the meeting and the reading. I'm sure it will all go quite well.
And then I can't wait to see you!!!!!

chancelot said...

Hope the reading goes well. Holla when you get to Salt Lake.

Lisa B. said...

This is a glamorous story, what with the going to NYC and probably wearing a fancy outfit and wining and dining, etc. Fun! also stressful, however. I hope that this time when you're in SLC, the stars align and I can catch a glimpse of you. And there's also AWP!

J. Bennett-Rylah said...