Sunday, September 16, 2007

No way it's all going to happen

I was just reading over at Limon's about how she's not going to get all the things done this semester she needs to. I am panicking about my own semester by blogging. Actually, I'll make this a listing blog so the list and the weight can be palpably felt. And perhaps in order to lift the weight, I'll actually do one or two of these today.

  • Host Grad School Night Sept. 24.
  • Write a review by Oct 15.
  • Read 40 student blogs a week (whoops! What a great idea! Student blogging! 750 words a week! Ack!)
  • Write conference paper for Nonfiction Now.
  • Contact my panelists for Nonfiction Now.
  • Read 7 books for my independent study.
  • Finish novel draft by Sept. 30 (60,000 words yesterday. 10 or 20 more thousand to go.)
  • Compile 3rd year review file.
  • Read apps for new hire.
  • Review affiliate faculty.
  • Finish Hospital poems for contests.
  • Send out old book to contests of finalist last year.
  • Write conference paper for AWP.
  • Revise 14 essays.
  • Buy plane tickets for SLC, NYC, and NYC.
  • Develop course for Spring 2009.
  • Finish kitchen (admittedly, my role is small. I mostly have to by drawer pulls and wine racks but still).
  • Submit funding requests for trips to NYC and NYC.
Actually, now the list doesn't seem so bad. The biggest trouble is the 3rd year review file but I think that's mostly a matter of organization. Which is not my strong point. But perhaps lists like this are a sign of things to come.

Hope I didn't stress you out on a fine Sunday morning. I feel better though.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, Nicole. My list for this fall is: try to finish first draft of at least one book; take care of baby. That's it, and I'm still overwhelmed. You make me feel like a total slacker.

- Mary Anne

Dr Write said...

Yes, I can barely get it together to send out stories. I'm glad I don't have conference papers to write.
On another note, Scorpion's Tail and I drove by the House that Now Stands where Your House Once Stood. Wow. It's just a frame, but they pushed it all the way to the north property line. And it doesn't even look that nice right now. Anyway.
You can do it. I'm not writing at all, so congrats on the novel. I'm revising, which as you know sucks.
My list:
don't yell too much
Maybe I can do those, maybe not.
Good luck with your list.

Lisa B. said...

I feel for you, you and your list. I have a bunch of stuff to do, but can't get the nerve to actually list it all for fear it will totally bring me down. But you have the power! or else, you can fight the power. You choose.

Nik said...
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Nik said...

I fear this list will just lead to new lists.
I did go running.
And IM with P.
And read half of the blogs.
But man, there's more to do.
And that kid named Z? She usually takes a 3 hour nap. That's what makes any of this possible. But today? No nap. Trouble.

Molly said...

I think I got to your fourth or fifth bullet before I needed a drink. Then I thought, "I wonder if Nicole and Z want to go to Klackles Orchard with me." We need priorities. Apple picking is more fun than all of these things.

P said...

I love blog lists...