Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hispanic Festival

Finally. A good taco. Better than a Salt Lake taco. Here, in GR.
We had a great day. Z's daycare hosted this odd fundraiser where we paid $20 and they watched kids for 4 hours to help pay for new playground equipment. If it was only $5/hour every half day--it would be an ideal amount of school for the Z where maybe I could get some work done without having to say, OK Z, five minutes. Mom's working. And then giving in to play magnet puzzle for twelve minutes.
So we went to the Hispanic Festival, purchased an adorable Equadoran sweater for Z featuring embroidered cacti and llama and I got a sweater full of orange colors.
I drank beer there.
Then, we went to Founders. Which has many a beer and nary a glass of wine. I drank half a glass of beer there.
And then our good friends who make GR a great place to live came over and they had another beer and I returned to my stand-by, wine. We had to escape the onslaught of mosquitoes and so came inside where we were accosted by Z's stuffed animals and Egg's lascivious jokes about portfolios and balance sheets.
Ah, the MBA. Who knew how sexy the MBA could be...


P said...

sounds like a ton of fun. Wish I were there

Scorpion's Tail said...

viva el taco...gotta get me over to the WEST side....

speaking of stuffed animals, friends were visiting.
3 year old boy:
"Adrian's stuffed animals are really really scary"

"Oh, shall I move them?"
"NO! I want to sleep with them."

Anonymous said...

Your tacos-fish, shredded beef are the best I have ever had. They'd be hard to beat.

Nik said...

Hi mom!
It took me a minute but I figured it out.
I'm at school. Trapped for 9 hours. Teaching for 6. If I survive, i will reward myself with tacos.
Probably tomorrow.
Yes Sylv. Take me to the West Side with you!
Love you guys.