Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Erik is not one to exaggerate. So, when we ate New York Strip Steaks at Ruth's Chris(choosing them over filets or ribeyes for a balance of flavor/fat) and he said, that was the best steak I ever had, it was true. It confirmed my sometimes hyperbolic belief that there is no point in eating steak if it's not a Ruth's Chris steak.

Tonight, we went over to thirty one's for dinner. From her own memory, like a pianist with a good ear, she recreated the Cafe Rio salad. White rice with cilantro, beans with southwest spice, avocado, tomatillo-ranch dressing and a pork butt/shoulder that she cooked all day in her slow cooker with cumin and chile powder and other love spices. Better than Cafe Rio.

Erik, on the way home, said. "That was good." He does not exaggerate.

What's the point in eating tomorrow?

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Valerie said...

I ate myself into a coma. Sadly I didn't eat until just now. And I had french fries from Arctic Circle. So, if you want to find a person who doesn't want to eat it shouldn't be me. I should be a hippo!

But, it was nice to have you over. It seemed as though we had a bunch of fun. Sometimes I really can't tell.