Sunday, February 19, 2006

To Blog

One of my sister's has finally started her own blog--Thirty-One Flavors to Ani over Baskin Robbins? I think so). In so doing, she said she blogged me about it, which seemed like a better way to say "I posted a comment to your blog." So in my lexicon/grammar text, I will suggest that "to blog" as an intransitive verb means that I wrote in my blog today. Example: I blogged. As a transitive verb, it will mean that I sent you a note in your blog. Example: I blogged you. See. And now I'll teach grammar with a 21st century foxiness. Now blog me. Blog me hard. (Imperative form of to blog).


Valerie said...

I'm just not sure how to use imperatives. I am not as brilliant as you are. I again, am thinking about what to do for dinner and lunch for that matter.

Trista said...

I'll blog you baby. I'll blog you as often as you can stand it.