Sunday, February 26, 2006

Did it

Took the job. The one at Grand Valley State University. 3/3 teaching load. Good salary. GREAT benefits. It's in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I'm excited, I think. The folks there are so kind. They sent Zoe and me flowers when she was in the hospital. I went from total exhiliration--especially when they told me they voted for me unanimously. And it's hard to become a professor. They don't just dole those jobs out. But then I got depressed about moving and about other peoples' jobs. Some folks got an interview at Portland State. But I know I wanted that too much to actually get it. I wrote a special letter for them. I had KB send an extra letter of recommendation to them. That was the worst day--realizing that GVSU is as good as it's going to get this year. But that good IS good--it's just hard to leave the west. But Erik's completely into going and it's time for an adventure. The nice thing is my blogging life will come with me!


Trista said...

eh, Portland's overrated.

Congratulations! But if we don't get Julia and Zoe together to drool on each other before you leave the world will be a sadder, drabber place. I'll still read your blog, though.

Dr. Write said...

Yes! The blog goes everywhere. We will have more drinks to celebrate in Austin.
But we will miss you, even as we are happy for you.
The show must go on!

Nik said...

Ach, you guys are great. I promise Mary Anne that we'll be in Chicago on the way or directly after we get there and to Trista that we'll have a Julia/Zoe get together before we go and that Lynn and I go to a dinner at the Paris before SLC becomes a vacation destination/

Anonymous said...

Hey, came across your blog. I also interviewed for a position at GVSU and you are right, the people there are super super nice. I am still waiting to hear from them. Last word from the seach committee was very "interesting" --- meaning not being clear at all where they are right now. I hope I'd get the job there as well.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I got an offer from GVSU today as well! Not in writing but in biology. Do you mind if I ask you about some details of the procedure? My email is


Anonymous said...

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