Monday, January 23, 2006

Ft. Lauderdale/Boca Raton

Boca Raton=Mouth of the rat. I've learned much. FAU is made of concrete. It's full of nice folks though who may or may not want to hire me. I saw a comorant, a blue heron, a lizard, a coonti plant, a dutch pipe vine, a monarch butterfly, and several turkey vultures.
I do love big birds.
But pink buildings--not so much.
I've never been this hot. I've been sweating since I got off the plane?
How much red wine can I drink at dinner???? Less, than I want, I presume.
This is a good job--grad students, 3-2, non-adversarial department....The chair is one of the funniest, smartest people I met. Plus, man can he eat. He's my metabolistic role model. In fact, as a teacher, a writer, and an administrator, he's a role model for all.
But this part of Florida is super-suburban, expensive, and humid.
I don't know. I had a gut feeling for a moment.
I'm off to the other two interviews on Wednesday. I fly all the way back to SLC and then to Atlanta. Which wouldn't be so bad but for the very bumpy skies.
I feel like a sponge--absorb, absorb.


Dr. Write said...

I love that you are posting from the road. Let me be a lesson to you and have only one glass of wine, not the two you want. Then, back at the hotel, alone, in your room, have as much as you want. Live and learn. I love that you are where it is hot and I had to wear wool. Hot could be good. I feel like I know what is going on. I will take you to a wine bar when you get home and you can drink as much wine as you want!
Good luck, though you don't need it!

Nik said...

Quick note: Much drinking by all. Not most by me. Both places, so far, like they're wine. A good sign, though the whole process is strange and kind of sad. But VERY interesting to compare schools.