Friday, January 06, 2006


2nd interviews loom. What to do? Take Erik and Zoe so I don't have to pump & go? Buy real estate in upstate new york? Write pro and con list and make sure I realize that it gets below zero in both Michigan (GVSU) and NY (Alfred)?
The real question: what to wear? I already wore my power suit. Plus, it's two days of interview. Even if I re-suit on the first day, should I differently suit the next?
When will I write again since all I do is make travel plans.

How does this philosophy work of "what should happen, will happen?" Where is free will? Is there any free will when grandparents of a six-month old are involved?
Where are the west coast jobs? Is there anywhere as beautiful as Utah? Does better politics trump beauty?
How many questions can one ask to the ether???


Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

Is your suit very memorable? (Bright red or some such?) If not, I'd wear it again, both days, unless you can easily afford to buy a second suit. Just wear a different blouse (or tank or shell or whatever) and jewellery if you're wearing it. My suit is dark chocolate brown and I wore a light blue shell one day and a dark red one the other at MLA. Of course, I didn't get any campus interviews out of that, so what do I know? :-)

Also, don't fret too much about the cold. With any luck, you'll only be leaving the house three days a week in the winter, and not at rush hour, so after they've cleared the roads. I hate cold, but I've had to deal with very little of it despite living in Chicago. (You'd think it was a lot, given how much I whine, but when I'm being honest, I have to admit it's very little. :-)

Nik said...

Hi Mary Anne!
Good to hear from you. Thanks for the input. I think that is what I'll do one day and I do have another suit that MIGHT fit....
You've given me strength about the cold. Plus, I'd be closer to you and that would be nice.

However, I'm still in panic-mode. I prefer your method of finding a job where you live. It's so hard to leave when we have so much here. Plus Erik loves his job--though he could most likely get another good job in TV somewhere close.

But ONWARD in one way or another.
Thanks for the help.

Mary Anne Mohanraj said...

I really got very lucky, since I happened to know someone through other circles who talked Roosevelt into considering me, even though they didn't actually have a position open. And there's no guarantee that they'll open a tenure-track line, so in another year, I may be back on the market again. Ick.

Good thing Kev's willing to move, but yah, it's unpleasant to consider. I'm getting so *settled* here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nicole,

On sartorial decisions, I can weigh in. I don't have a power suit, so for my campus interviews I wore a long black skirt with a sweater one day and a pair of black slacks with a sweater the second day. Layers were a good move; some buildings were incredibly hot, others freezing. I don't think you want to look much more dressed up than the typical English dept prof; you just don't want to look schleppy (not that you ever do). Good luck! Write soon!