Sunday, June 12, 2005

New Career

My sister Val and I had so much fun at our garage sale (and made pretty good money), that we've decided to open a business. We like to talk to strangers. We're kind of pushovers when it comes to bargaining--a dollar? Sure, a dollar's fine. Heck, why don't you just give us fifty cents--but the best part was sitting about with our friends as others browse through our castoffs. The things we sold most were books--and more of Val and my good books than my aunt's shlock. How great was it to realize EVERYONE still reads--they just want to spend 3 paperbacks for a $1 instead of $14 for 1. OK. I can live with that. I think we sold over 200 books and contributed to the reading pleasure of at least 100 people.
So, with that in mind, what kind of store should we open? We think a bakery/lunch place (that serves tiny, par-boiled vegetables)/coffee shop/bar/bookstore. But perhaps we should narrow our focus a bit.....Still, we had a great time, met a lot of great folks. Now we jsut need to figure out how to prolong the joy.


Dr. Write said...

It should be a cafe/bookstore/bar. With great wine and salads and little appetizers and readings by only GOOD writers. And it should ooze atmosphere (for example, that couch you sold would be perfect decor). And maybe you could sell vintage dresses on the side. And the whole appeal would be the chit-chat. And maybe you could bring one or two of your cats in for flare. It would be lovely. What will you call it?
Babes in Bookland?
Two Girls Wine Bar and Books?

Nik said...

Yes! (Except, I feel guilty about the couch). We could have a WINE BAR with only small plates--like tapas and sushi and cheeses.
I think Erik would be more than happy to have two of the cats living some place new.
I like Babes in Bookland. Sadly "Garage Sale" as a title for a store just isn't that cute.

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid the bookstore would have to be called.... "This was the Place"

Dr. Write said...

Yes! A wine bar with little tapas and cheese and bread plates and sushi and whatever else. And it should be in a house that you turn into a retail venue, and upstairs can be the vintage dress store! There were cool businesses like that in Eugene. And you could have outdoor seating in "the backyard." Hurray. You would kill with such a business. Salt Lake NEEDS such a business. I'll join!