Monday, May 30, 2005


The rarity of Utah rain is what makes it so great. Even though this has been the rainiest spring I can remember in Salt Lake--not Portland comparable--but still, wet and gray, the minute the clouds come, I'm thrilled to death. 6 and a half years of drought makes every drop seem like rescue. Plus, you can sleep in. You have a good excuse to avoid gardening. The gray hides the crevices of dirt in the house so you don't feel so compelled to clean. The sound is good for writing.
The only grim thing is that the dogs are looking at me like I'm killing them for not taking them for a walk. But the last time I walked Cleo the dog in the rain, I came home with even my underwear soaked.
And it's still Utah. I'm not about to dig up the old Portland Gortex.
So even though it's raining on Memorial Day, I'm happy. I get to type all day, maybe do a load of laundry and not feel guilty for sucking down the reservoir, and go to a barbecue tonight where the porch is fully covered and the mosquitoes will be so drenched they'll be too heavy to bite or fly.


Dr. Write said...

Yeah rain! I don't feel guilty for drinking coffee and doing nothing. I don't feel guilty for not exercising. I think I'll take Son to the mall for indoor walking and video game playing. Ah, Memorial Day. Pass the watermelon!

Nik said...

Right on! I did finally take the dogs for a walk. Otherwise, I'm writing a little and watching the West Wing (there are very BAD things about having a wireless laptop. But really, I like doing both sometimes. Again, guilt free day).
I hope the mall has some fine advertures for you--perhaps some chocolate and bargain sandals.
Ack. The sun is popping out. Run. Duck. Hide.

Paulk said...

I admire both of you for your abilities to not feel guilty. Of course, I did almost nothing today (well, I nearly finished the program, but nothing else...), but I felt like I should have been more productive.

It really hasn't felt much like Utah lately. Yesterday, especially, when I went out to my care around two o'clock, still in my PJs, wondering if getting dressed would make me feel like doing something. It reminded me most of a cold winter day in Florida (that's about as cold as it gets in the daytime).

Clint Gardner said...

I don't recall it ever raining like that on memorial day.