Friday, May 27, 2005

Foods of summer

Strawberries and nectarine and icecream cones and raspberries and popsicles. But the tastes that remind me of my summer years as a teenagers, tanning with foil and babyoil on our unbearably hot redwood deck are oscar meyer smoked ham and crystal light iced tea. I think this may have been one of my first "diets." I also think I watched General Hospital a lot that summer.
What a difference a decade makes. Now I make myself eat a handful of lettuce BEFORE I eat the overly salty, overly processed slice of ham. And instead of ham I have a morningstar farm sausage patty. I'm waiting for the ice cream truck. But the sound of The Entertainer is not forthcoming.
My point is--I'm not very good at feeding myself. I like to cook for other people, but when I'm alone, trail mix and cheerios are all I can think of.
Perhaps when the tomatoes start producing I can at least combine enough ingredients for a caprese salad. Except the basil is mysteriously absent from this year's garden.....

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Dr. Write said...

Already this summer I have become addicted to instant Lipton Ice Tea: Peach (of course!). Remember this song, "It started out in Port Charles town, where Frank Smith's gang used to hang around, no one knew that he was a crook, until Luke found his little black book. General Hospital, what's going on? did you see it today?" Oh, summer. I used to lay out on the world's smallest deck (a veranda?) with Ban de Soile in my bikini. Oh, those were the days!
(I haven't seen the ice cream man, either).