Sunday, January 13, 2013

Max is 3.

Lately, every night before bed, we read "Going on a Bear Hunt" three times a night. Max says that if encountered a bear, "I will find him and wrap him and tape him up." He is full-fledged rescue mode. Spiderman last week. Super Why this week. His grandparents got him Superman pajamas and, since he's never seen Superman, he calls them Super Why like that kids show on PBS.

He has memorized the book, "No David" because he likes to be the one telling people "no." "Put your toys away," he tells David. I try to convince him that he should lead by example, but he just looks at me and reads aloud, "Don't play with your food." Poor David. Always being told 'no.'

Max too should stop playing with his food and maybe eat some. He eats about four things, most of them involving oats of one sort or another, mostly granola bars. He likes pears. And edamame. And candy by the bucketload. I ask him if he wants to get tall like dad or tall like mom. I think it's a good threat, suggesting he may only be 5'2" if he doesn't eat his tortilla. But he says, "tall like Zoe" and runs away.  He does like quinoa. Quinoa makes you tall right? If you ask him to please eat a bite of cheese or perhaps some turkey, he says, "I'm fine. I'm fine" He's very polite, the non-eating super why guy.

He likes to sled and ski and ice-skate for about 7 minutes per. "It's too cold," he says. He's right. It's -5 degrees right now.

Right now he's playing wild cats with Zoe and watching Nancy Drew. I think having a big sister makes him grow up a little too fast but I think he also keeps her a little younger for awhile. He can talk her into playing "garbage truck," "fire truck," "ambulance" "recycling truck," "tools" and "paint."

I love that he thinks all danger can be stopped with tape. He still says, when he wants to be picked up, "Carry you." He's getting bigger but not too big for that.


radagast said...

Happy happy birthday, Max! May all your villains be securely taped. May all those oats never make you too tall for mom to carry.

Lisa B. said...

I agree with the assessment that a bigger sibling makes the kid older quicker, and also keeps the bigger sibling younger. It's good. I will never ever forget how much my youngest adored his big brother and how they played together forever. So sweet. And one more thing: I loved how my little ones would say, when they wanted to be picked up, "Hold ya!" I want to hold ya. FOREVER. Happy birthday Max!