Thursday, June 14, 2012


It took me this long to come up with an appropriate title since last I posted. It's summer. I should not be in a funk. I should be swimming. But there is no water in Flagstaff and the water was too cold to really swim in in Portland and i had no idea how narrowly I had constructed my world and what gives with my tastebuds anyway? I need a publicist to make me seem famous and happy but instead I have funk.
The funeral was the first funk. Then, pneumonia by Z. Then a car accident with Z that wasn't bad but just expensive enough to put me in a funk. Work. In the summer time. When I'm supposed to be writing. Then, Max's daycare imploded. Then. Work with Max.In the office kind of work that I'm not getting paid for. In fact, I'm not getting paid at all until July 12th which puts me in additional funk. Then it was windy. Then Cleo the dog got so arthritic we thought she would die and we had to carry her inside on a bed sheet. Ibuprofen and she is much better and much less in a funk than I even though I take an egregious amount of ibuprofen.
Unfunk, I say to myself. Here's a list of unfunk:
I went on an airplane trip with the children and survived!
I saw the ocean.
I saw goats. Even baby goats.
I ate street raspberries.
I ate at Pok Pok.
I ate raw salmon (a lot. Possibly too much. A little off since the raw salmon eating frenzy of 2012).
I saw friends from before (who said the words 20 years a little too often.)
I realized that no one really cares about what I'm working on (which is a good and bad realization but an important one I think. It's important to think of work as just work).
I am still in love with Portland but not in that desperate way I used to be. Flagstaff is awesome. Especially when it's not windy. If only it had some water.
I am writing every day. Not here. But I'll try. This Hightouch post is true about how writing is the best, even if you don't have a publicist.

Here's a list of the nonwriting things I have to do before I can write all summer.

Section Introductions for Bending Genre
Website for MFA
Website for How to apply to grad school
               (We do need the form for current students interested in applying for GTA positions)
Faculty 180—attachments
1.      Find Sections student workers can scan
a.      Letters.
b.      Teaching summaries
2.      Write section intros. Upload evidence to CV.
Design Eng 573
               Upload texts, assignments, syllabus.
Book orders for Fall.
Book release business.
               Email Reed.
Acknowledgments for Quench

But here's the fact. 1 page a day of each thing plus the above list will make this a fine summer. Plus swimming. Plus, some anti-funk which I believe is swimming plus bike ride. 


Lisa B. said...

Summer funks are the worst. I feel I have some expertise on this topic since I feel, every single summer, like I am perched on the precipice of one. The precipice of a funk, if not downright fallen into one. You feel both the effects of the funk, plus ungrateful because it's summer. The worst.

I hope summer + bike ride do alleviate this slough of despond. I also think copious amounts of lazing around can be helpful, especially if accompanied by refreshing beverages and a good novel. I realize this may be tricky, given your serious agenda and your young children. But perhaps a little of it could be arranged?

(btw: imploding day care? the worst. it's amazing how many "the worsts" there are.)

What Now? said...

Sorry to hear about the summer funk. Now, is swimming (as an anti-funk measure) actually a possibility in Flagstaff, or are the pools closed because of the lack of water?

You do have lots of work you're tackling, but I hope that the anti-funk steps are successful and that you can enjoy the summer.

Sandy said...

Right there with you! I am LONGING to be waterside this summer and I don't know when I will go swimming again, which depresses me. Toss a newborn into the mix and I have summer funk AND sleep deprivation. So glad to hear you're writing. I love your stuff.

radagast said...

Funk no fun. Unless it's da funk what someone brung