Thursday, January 19, 2012

Marching on

Although all I think about and dream about is my poor sweet friends and wonder how they're doing, I still have to try to keep it together. The semester has begun. Work is flowing into my inbox at a rate of one email every ten minutes. There are still requests for recommendations. The program change is underway, requiring typo fixes and Curriculum Process Associate feedback and Curriculum Committee meetings. There are Grad Studies Committee meetings to schedule and syllabi to copy. There is legalese to study and negotiations to prepare for. There is the parlay, as Erik keeps reminding me, with the chair and the dean. There are lesson plans. I'm excited though for the lesson-making.

Today, in Intro nonfiction--I'm going to teach about narrator versus author, Brenda Miller, and how to workshop generously.

In grad nonfiction, I'm going to use the blgog by my new best friend, Mr. Jackson Connor  about writing about writing, the newest Writer's Chronicle, where Jackson cites an interview with Sabina Murray, and another blog, mine, that became an essay where I show them the 6 revisions the piece went under since this will be a revise-y type class. The blog piece is about Zoe's prematurity and how does one revise about the self when the bigger picture is so much bigger and more important than your own and the circularity of it all. Everything connects back up eventually.

The most exciting thing is the 15 nontropes of nonfiction. The "non" goes with the feeling of nothingness these days. There is still no bald eagle in the snag down the road.

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radagast said...

Yep. Keeping it together. Marching on. That's it. For you--and all of us, I guess--I wish for connections and bald eagles down the road.