Tuesday, May 31, 2011

To do Lists in June? Say it ain't so

Some people, I'm usually one of them, have the some offer. Usually, even by now, the High Altitude Summer Writing Institute is over. But this time, I'm hosting it in June. Did I mention Brady Udall is the guest writer? I'm a little geeked out about it. But it's still work. I have five more spots of the workshop to fill. I rented the big auditorium so it will be really dorky if no one shows up for the reading. The good news is, Seth Muller ran a huge article in Mountain Living Magazine and will run something in the local paper. And KNAU might run a spot too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. This year, a lot is on the line. If this one garners attention, it might not be so much work next year. I think I will have established a tradition. We'll see.
But, I'm also teaching this summer--a five week course in June in fiction. I'm kind of pre-exhausted but also kind of excited. I never get to teach fiction.
I'm also doing my regular administrative work which will be included on the list that shall follow this preamble.
My sister Val just left so I feel like the vacation part of May is over and it's time to get ready for June. We cooked so much food--and so much bacon--that I think we'll be eating leftovers for a week. But, for a short run down on the food adventures, I will list them here before I get to the boring list that is work I must accomplish.

On Friday night: 4 pizzas made with Pizza Bianco's dough recipe (remember, 4.5 cups flour not 5.5, 4 tsp (not 4.5 tsps yeast for altitude and extra crispiness). Cheese pizza with New Jersey Pizza Co mozzerella, pepperoni with Boar's head pep, pancetta and tomato and mozz and, finally, boursin, mint and caramelized onion pizza (Sam introduced me to this. It's unbelievably delicious. Really. I didn't believe it. And I was wrong).

Saturday: Val made waffles for breakfast. For dinner: Filets with foie gras and black cherry reduction. Baked potatoes. Broccoli. Sweet D'artagnan. Thanks again for mailing me such decadence.

Sunday: Val made pancakes for the kids and I made hashbrowns and eggs. For lunch, I think Val and I just ate pate (again, the D'artagnan. Thank you). For dinner Val and I made: Carnitas which involved cooking pork shoulder along with oranges, oregano, a touch of milk and brown sugar, and salt for 2 hours. After that, baked in the oven for crispy caramelization. Grilled corn in the husks. The little silks disappeared. Thanks Val for that new inspiration!

Monday: Eggs Benedict for breakfast. Who ever makes that at home? It was lovely. Blender hollandaise was a little runny. Delicious smashed onion and cheddar hamburgers made by Steve and Erik. Don't forget the pancetta! (I have to say that all the radical deliciousness was Valerie. She thought of the corn on the grill in the husks. She thought of pancetta on the pizza. She even made "crostini" by cutting up some ciabatta bread and letting it sit in the sun. She wanted to make her own corn tortillas and I just couldn't muster the strength to go buy the tortilla press. But next time I find one, I'm getting it for her.)

What is that disease you get when you eat too much fat? Gout? Gall bladder? Just fat? Fortunately, we made up for all this fat eating by hiking down to Walnut Canyon, walking to see the Prairie Dogs, taking the kids to the Aquaplex. I went running this morning. I should go again this afternoon.

The agenda is long though and running twice a day is not on it. In the next two weeks I have at least one grant due, one garage sale to have, one syllabus to write, one party to plan, one trip to Torrey to miss but I imagine I still have to pack the kids' clothes for, and two manuscripts to submit.

So, with no further ado. The list:

Clean off hutch
Finish MacArthur grant (not the genius one. You can't apply for that).
Refill Prescriptions.
Cut Max's hair.

Make labels and signs for garage sale.
Call Dyanne for big garage sale signs.
Zoe's end of school barbecue.
Electronic Tenure File Meeting.
Email CAL list for Brady Udall.
Pick up dishwasher.
Call about tile backsplash.

Pull tables over for garage sale.
Advertise garage sale in Craigslist.
Go through dresser drawers and armoir.
Stage garage for sale.
Email Brady Udall workshoppees--remind them where, when, etc.
Plan Udall reception for the next Friday. Greek food? Angie's bringing shrimp. Thanks Angie!

Finalize garage sale.
Try not to think about bad weather ruining garage sale.
Make pizza for Beya and Brian.

Suffer the garage sale. Hope to sell huge hutch. Everything else, bonus.

West fork hike?

Teach (did you see I didn't put the syllabus making in there. I'll do it on Thursday!)

That list is missing some things but I feel that now that it's covering at least 50% of the things I have to do this week, I can go take a nap. Not really. Tuesday is almost over. I haven't written my 500 words nor finished grant. Max is asleep. Time is awastin'.


Lisa B. said...

Thank goodness for that list of inspiring food, otherwise I think I might be depressed by all the work you have to do. The ceiling of our bathroom caved in last night because of a leak in the roof we didn't know about until, surprise, the cave-in. So there have been calls to roofers and visits from roofers and discussions about the roof. But otherwise, I am seriously giving myself props for keeping up on the dishes and the laundry and for being in a good, mostly non-panicky, not-anxious mood. Points for good moodery! and it sounds like your spirits are good. I hope you get a rest after all of that crazy and your writer's conference is over. Good lord!

(but seriously...thanks for the food report.)

Nik said...

Oh Lisa B. Your ceiling caving in is bad news. Worse news than teaching in the summer. It sounds like a PITA and expensive. I wish I could come over and console you with real, live food but for now, I'll just have to make you lists of food in some hope that it helps.

Anonymous said...

When do you set time to go to the ER if needed?

Valerie said...

You forgot the white truffle butter popcorn. We forgot our plants and we forgot to steal the bread machine. And I won't be eating again for at least seven days. I mean minutes. I am insisting my pilates class I bought on group on for some support.

Nik said...

Anon: My friend Steve visits a lot. I always make time for the ER.
Val: We saw both the plants and the breadmachine and were sad for your losses. We will take good care of both. Don't starve without me!

Dr Write said...

Yes, the food list was enviable. I thought of you and Erik as I drove through Torrey last weekend. I hope it's warmer by the time they get there....
And your list: exhausting. I am now vowing not to make a list and to have no expectations except: don't choke to death.