Sunday, April 03, 2011

A poem

Here is a poem by me and Z, mostly by Z but I imposed the "of pellet of mouse" and "thick bark" and, once she got to rock, I had to ask how rocks and owls went together. And to remind her of the rhyme scheme.

In the Woods behind my House

We like going to look for owls in the trees.

We go after dinner and when it is dark.

The pine needles all around and the bark

Is thick in front of our eyes. My mom teases

Me about the owls going in our house

But I know where the owls really live.

They live in branches and give

Us presents of pellets of squirrel and mouse.

I love my owls because they fly

At nighttime even though I can’t see

Them. I keep a rock with me

In my pocket because although I try

To leave the ground, I’m more like the rock

Than an owl and I stay here on my walk.

By Zoe

1 comment:

Lisa B. said...

Thank god for you and Z or there might be no poetry in National Poetry Month this year. Alas. But this has owls, which makes it a pretty great poem coming out of the gate.