Tuesday, January 04, 2011

It's already Tuesday

After the long drive home from SLC to Flag, I made macaroni. With truffle butter ($12.99 at Liberty Heights Fresh/D'Artangan). My sister gave me a belated birthday present which made returning to a house with no food a return to a house with a welcoming dinner. I almost cried with the easiness and the deliciousness. I'm doing a lot of almost crying lately. Max. The weaning. It's going. He likes the bottle so much. Too much. Tonight, he went to bed with the bottle and the nipple in his mouth. His dream fulfilled! He misses the breast, obviously. In the morning, after his first night of no boob, Erik brought him into bed. He lifted up my shirt. I called him a succubust. I laughed too hard. It was early.
But I do think the weaning is a good idea. He's drinking like 6 ounces of milk every 5 hours. Way more than I ever pumped. I think he's been so thirsty! No wonder he doesn't sleep. Last night, Erik kept him all night and he woke up once to sleep with Erik at midnight and once again at 5. He usually wakes up at 1, then 5, then 5:45, 6:30, 7:00, 7:30. I think he kept going to the well, hoping it would refill but it was dry. Or dryish. And it would refill a little. Every 45 minutes. During delicious sleep.
Then, last night, with my duck fat ($4.99 Liberty Heights Fresh/D'Artagnan--spell, obviously suspicious. Sisters' commitment to taking off price tags--limited), I made roastd potatoes in duck fat. And then this morning, I took the leftovers, added more fat, and ate them for a post-run snack. And then I licked the tupperware.
Tonight, I made roasted chicken: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/garlic-roast-chicken-recipe/index.html. This is the right recipe. Accept no others. One dish. 1 hour 45 minutes to cook. 1 hour 45 minutes to play with the kids. One dish to clean (although one more if you make chicken stock from the bones). Also, it's a good thing my husband likes breasts (meat, in this case) since I decided to take all the skin off, put it on a separate plate so it wouldn't get soggy and serve it separately. By separate I mean to myself.
Admittedly, repeatedly, the roasted potatoes were cooked in chicken fat very similarly to last night's duck fat, but let's pretend we're doing a taste test. So far, I'd say I like potatoes roasted in fat. Duck fat though--makes me want to wake up in the morning so I can go for a run so I can eat more potatoes roasted in duck fat.
Tomorrow, I head to Phoenix on a research mission. I feel so very professional. I'll eat lunch there. With my research. Yay.
Max's birthday is Thursday. We might eat a lot of pizza for his birthday. Or beans. D'artangan sent me an email today to let me know that Max's birthday--January 6th--is national bean day. Cassoulet for everyone? Or just beans. And quinoa. Max loves quinoa and they say that quinoa is the one perfect substitute for breast milk--so Max's birthday might not feel so much a deprivation as a vegetarian festival (with duck fat).


Lisa B. said...

mmmmm fat. I believe I have never had duck fat, but I have had goose fat. But it was so long ago that i am not sure I remember how it tasted. Sad. Have you ever had those awesome borlotti beans? They're quite wonderful. I got them from Rancho Gordo in Napa (I think that's right). I bet they would be fantastic cooked in broth and then dressed with an animal fat of some kind. Gorgeous.

When people talk about roasted chicken, it makes me want to take a little hiatus from being (mostly) a vegetarian.

Valerie said...

I made chicken that night too. Exactly!