Thursday, December 03, 2009


I'm behind. It's December 3rd. Today is the last class of what shouldn't have been such a grueling semester. I figured out what a good part of the complaining has been about. I'm about 13 times less efficient than usual. Or at least I've convinced myself that's what's happening. It's not facebook; it's pregnancy. We will continue to believe that until January. And then we will blame "the unknown," as my sister and her kids call incoming baby, for further lack of productivity.
I talked to my doctor yesterday. I've never been this pregnant before, I said. It's weird. It's kind of OK. I like seeing weird alien-like movement underneath my stomach skin. But I'm also pretty done. It's been stressful trying to make it past Zoe's over-early birth date. Now that I'm two weeks past, I'm like really? It takes this long to make a full-size baby. I'm at 37 weeks on the solstice. That seems sufficient to me (and to the doctors. That's what they consider fully full term). Did I mention the unknown's head measures two weeks ahead of schedule. So if I'm 35 weeks on Sunday, his head measures 37? Is this efficient, Mr. Unknown? I think not.

So for boring reminders mainly for me so I can continue in my inefficient efficiency, I must make a list of things to do before I forget and fall back into the hole that is facebook. I'll have to do this weekly, at least, since my short-term memory is not what it once was. And once, it was composed of sieves and sand.

Before December 11:
  1. Contact College of Arts and Letters PR person about Spring events by Dec. 11 Include book signing? Can I have two signings in Flagstaff? Is that over-reaching?
  2. Rewrite foundation grant letter. Apparently, I did it all wrong.
  3. Grade portfolios.
  4. Go by office at 5 p.m. on Tuesday and Thursday to pick up said portfolios.
  5. Make meeting with Sustainability Masters student for prospectus meeting.
  6. Explain Creative Writing assessment plan to chair and Administrative Assistants.
  7. Finalize recruitment letter.
  8. Write 3 more critiques.
  9. Organize these 8 letters of rec into their myriad forms, folders, envelopes, independent online stations, Interfolio. Try to get right student's letter in right envelope. Proofread one more time?
  10. Order books for Spring. Book orders were due Oct. 15. but I still haven't settled on the books.
  11. Send contract for American West poems.
  12. Visit hospital.
  13. Address labels for review copies of poetry book!
  14. Take Z to see Where the Wild Things Are. It can't be more scary than the Christmas Carol we saw thanks to our real estate agent.
OK. That's not too much as long as I'm not forgetting anything. It's the forgetting and then remember at the wrong time and then forgetting again part that fails me. Dear blog, don't fail me now. Maybe I can get this dude to send little taser-like messages to me every 15 minutes that I'm not working on one of these listeds. The internet/blogs are made of electrons. They should do more than suck my brain in.


Dr Write said...

Welcome to my world (pregnancy head-size wise). Maybe Mr. Unknown will emerge soon. But after your grading is done.
So much to do.
Good luck with all of that!!
Can't wait to meet your +1!

Lisa B. said...

Oh my gosh, this

>>the forgetting and then remember at the wrong time and then forgetting again part

so perfectly describes me right now that I had an involuntary shudder.

And truly, just like Dr. W., I cannot wait to see pictures of this new little darling.