Sunday, May 24, 2009

Random things

I'm going to do that 25 random things list but only one at a time. And maybe not all of them.

But here's one.

I have never used bleach without spilling getting some on whatever I'm wearing. Or, it's not even like I spill. I'm soooo careful. I pour it over the sink. I hold my arms out as far as my hands will take them. I wrap the bleached item in a towel or pour the bleach in the wash using something as overly-cautious as a pour spout. Today, I wasn't even wearing what I'm now wearing when I was playing with bleach. But somehow, the bleach puddled or pooled or melted through whatever barrier was between me and the bleach. Now there's big caustic stain on my brown skirt. I'm thankful the whitish-brown splotch is at the top and I can pull my shirt over it, but I can't get passed the feeling that my skirt is tainted, and therefore permanently ruined.


Lisa B. said...

Bleach! It's a public nuisance!

When do you go to Italy? You haven't gone yet, have you? Will you post there? Will you bring back pictures? I feel I need some assurances that there's something in it for me.

Nik said...

We leave a week from today. I shouldn't panic. I did a trial run of laundry today. I think I can do it on Saturday and pack on Sunday.
I will bring you something to make it worth it. Maybe a sardine.