Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My friend Craig is missing

Dr. Write, who called, and Hightouch, who blogged, made me realize that the "Find Craig Arnold" facebook was not a game or a hoax. Craig is really missing on an island in Japan. There's work to be done: John Gallaher posted some information about how to urge the searchers to keep looking for him.
I was just IMing with him like 4 days ago. Where could he be? I can imagine he just wandered off, deciding to become more familiar with the trees and the women of the forest. But I also know stupid things happen: falls, slips, disorientation. My hope: is that he got turned around on that 14 square mile island but has now rediscovered his compass and is heading back toward the inn and the people who know him.


Dr Write said...

Yes. We love you Craig Arnold. Please come back.

JP said...

We have created a Facebook group called “Find Craig Arnold” which will give people the latest info on the search and how they can help.

Those who do not have a Facebook account can go to

for bare bones information on the search.

However, I will only update confirmed news from family and friends there. Our Facebook group remains the main comprehensive resource for news, suggestions, ideas and updates (confirmed and rumored.) Thus, please encourage people to join that group.


Friends and family of Craig Arnold