Sunday, March 08, 2009

Saving Daylight

Good morning ye who are wondering where that hour went, thinking man, that sun is pretty low for 9:15. But ye people know that spring has arrived. Or will shortly and you can look forward to warm evenings when the sun sets at 9 or even 10. When we were in Michigan, right near the solstice, the sun wouldn't set until almost 10:30.
But now we are here. Where the Republicans don't like to switch time. Where there's some thinking that in Phoenix, it will be hot for a shorter amount of the day. I suppose one sleeps through an hour of extra sun?
But up here, it's not so great. First of all, I like daylight savings. I think everyone, everywhere should always wake up later and drive home in the light. In the summer, I like sitting outside until midnight. But when the sun goes down, at least up here, in this desert mountain town, so does the temperature. Therefore, inside we go, tamping out the fires in the fire pit and closing up the blinds at 8:30.
Perhaps I will spend the day writing an ode to Daylight Savings.
I look forward to going home next week where home isn't just a place, it's an altered, and therefore perfect, time zone.


Dr Write said...

Yeah! I forgot you were coming here...maybe we will cross in the air? I'm going to PHX on Thursday and coming back to daylight savings on Monday. So we definitely have to do some thing or some things...anything you want to do! We will enjoy our extra hour of sunlight!

Lisa B. said...

You're coming here? Here will be immeasurably enhanced! I have wondered what it's like there in AZ with no DST. Complicated by the mountain town, which is its own time zone, really.