Monday, November 12, 2007

I'm the lame

I can't even write a blog post that doesn't suggest my suckitude. I keep thinking about the previous post's title with the word "contemporary" in it. Is that even the correct usage? I doubt it. But I don't know. I'm a lame complainer head who doesn't even post on the twitter blog. And I really want to know where the New Adventures of the Old Christine is, but I'm too lame to go find out on the internet.
My kid is not lame. She peeled an orange and then threw the peels away. I would just leave them about like they're some kind of make-shift potpourri.
Perhaps the middle of November will prove to be some kind of lameness turn around.
In general, I feel like apologizing to the planet: Sorry to be so lame.
Edited to add: As if the planet cares how lame I am. See? So lame.


Lisa B. said...

I keep thinking about twitter and wonder what in the world I would say if I did that (I don't even know the right verb for it--"if I twittered"?).

I liked the title of your last blog post--it was generative. It made me think of new lists of seven. Un-lame yourself! Un-name yourself lame!

Dr Write said...

You are SO not lame, Ms. Publishes Everywhere, Ms. Recipient of a NEA. If you want lame, come visit my world. My world is lame.
(and, btw, Old Christine is coming in at the half-season, in January. And now we know that ain't happenin' because even if they are already written, Julia is on the picket line with the writers. Go Julia!)

Valerie said...

You are not lame. Lame a tude. You MAY be a little lame on the blackberry, but in time you will be checking the email and emailing from your pocket. like a wocket.