Saturday, October 06, 2007

Business of writing

This week, some writing got done but it felt more like business than creation. I worked out in my mind a few of the last details of the novel's plot but if details are not on the page, it doesn't really count. I did have one of my characters trade sex for a peak at a patient's records but otherwise, I'm stuck on the denouement. I kind of hate denouements. I think I'd prefer to write a choose your own resolution book. Once I know how it's going to end, I get bored.
Then I spent the early part of the week trying to figure out how to record two poems for the upcoming issue of Drunken Boat. Apparently, Macs have a built in microphone and a built in recording studio (Garage Band! Thanks Craig for the tip). So I finally recorded the poems on Erik's computer.
Then I got an email from Tin House's editor that she liked a piece of mine but that she needed me to revise it. So I got down to business and started revising. I moved the middle to the fore, strengthened some connections, cut a section about imagining being blown up in Wendover. Then, the next day, AGNI's editor mailed me to except the very same piece for their website. AGNI's great but I would have preferred the print version to the online space. So I emailed Tin House and asked them what to do. They said, I'd go with the sure thing since it will still be a couple of weeks over here for us to decide. That's cool, I thought. Thanks for the advice. And so I sent my one piece off to AGNI and will send a new piece to Tin House. Next week? Is that too soon?
Then, I started to write a review of Jenny Boully's new book for The Diagram. And maybe I finished it? I wrote an exegetical epic metaphor to describe the book. It's already over long. I may be done.
And then, I finished Dr. Write's amazing story collection. It is amazingly smart and precise. Next, I'm starting Scorpion Tail's new novel. I cant' wait.
I also went out to campus on a Thursday! to see Jason Breadle talk to A's students. Really nice guy with some really great poems. I'm going to buy his 2nd book from Red Morning Press.
I also sent my (new, NEA-ish) book of poems off to Steve to see what he thinks.
I still need to finish my talk for NonfictionNow but then I can get back to noveling and these much-revision-needed essays. I'll aim for Dr. Write's precision but if I get close to say, only three mistakes per page, I'll be happy. I need a live-in editor.
Also. I must be commenting on students' work and preparing for my capstone class to be observed on the 17th.
Also. M's birthday party tonight at our house. Must go clean. Or at least hide things. Oh, weekend, I hardly knew you.


Earnest English said...

Nik, how do you DO it all? How do you do it at all? No one wants my poems, making it a bit harder to sit down and write more -- and here you are -- poems and novels and me just sitting here like a lump! Whisper to me your secret -- come on, just a whisper.

Dr Write said...

Wow, Agni and Tin House. So jealous. I just got the world's most generic rejection from Agni. Sigh. What to do?
Keep writing, I guess. I have to give them something to recycle.
But we love you, so it only stands to reason that they would too.
I anxiously await your novel typed by Z. It sounds fascinating!!

Lisa B. said...

I'm kind of glad I didn't know you were such a superstar before I started leaving comments on your blog, or I might have never done so and in such a sassy tone. Tin House. Oh, sigh. Also Agni, sigh. Will you please see if you can obtain a position in which you can give us, acolytes such as myself, the nod at good, and even semi-good, places? Also, any novel that includes sex for a peek--at hospital records!--is probably fascinating, and more importantly, ripe for turning into a movie or tv show. Go, Nik!

Nik said...

I didn't get in Tin House, unlike some Dr. Writes I know. I just have a friendly harassment going with the editor. She doesn't know how to get rid of me, I think. But I'll still send her another essay soon. Because harassing is what I'm good at. That's how I get work done--imagining all the people I'm hassling.